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 8500+  free online exercises and work materials

> Inhaltsverzeichnis 6300+ exercises

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Exercises, puzzles, tasks, tests & quizzes - online & interactive learning

Ask your own knowledge and skills to test and expand your general knowledge individually. offers an extensive range of free interactive online exercises in 18 areas of knowledge. More than 6700 tasks are now available for learning and continually expanding! Thanks to eleven different types of exercises such as gap, word puzzles, quizzes and crossword puzzles you will never get bored here.

Worksheets, copy templates, presentations, panels & teaching materials

Also you can find here more than 1800 materials from most of the 18 areas of knowledge in written form to print (especially free worksheets). So you can learn many of the contents of offline.

In school or kindergarten, at home and on vacation ... available everywhere

Teachers can use the worksheets and exercises tailored to each other in the school classroom. Students have the option to repeat their school subjects at home independently. All you need is a modern internet browser.

All completely free - no registration, no subscription ... get started right away

The whole offer is completely free and you don't have to register. So ... let's go, with a random exercise ... (By the way random exercises can be confined to a area of knowledge.) For beginners we recommend the detailed help pages ...

Picture Vocabulary (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish)

Of particular interest for language learning by subjects is an illustrated basic vocabulary with more than 3800 words in five languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish). There is a list of all 1560 exercises with interactive sorting and filtering.

" A prime example of Internet-based education ..."  (Bildung Schweiz)

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> Geografie Geography

> Deutsch German (Deutsch)

> Geschichte & Politik History & Politics

> Italienisch Italian (Italiano)

> Latein Latin  

> Mathematik Mathematics

> Allerlei Miscellaneous

> Physik Physics & Technology

> Religion Religion & Mythology

> Spanisch Spanish (Español)

> Sport & Spiel Sports & Games

> speziell für Kindergarten, Vorschule & Unterstufe ! K i d s !  (Preschool)

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Info: Here you can test your own knowledge and skills and broaden your general knowledge free and individual. offers over 7000 free online interactive exercises, puzzles, tasks, knowledge tests, games and quizzes in 17 areas of knowledge or subject areas. The following courses you can learn: Miscellaneous, biology (nature), chemical, Deutsch (German, Allemand, Tedesco, Alemán), English (English, Anglais, Inglese, Inglés), French (Français, French, Francese, Francés), geography ( Geography, Geography), History & Politics, computer science (computer), Italian (Italiano, Italian, Italy, Italiano), Arts & Culture, Latin (Latin), Mathematics (arithmetic, algebra & geometry), physics (technology), Religion & mythology, Spanish (Español, Spanish, Espagnol, Spagnolo) as well as sports and games. --- The offer includes 11 different types of exercises are: selecting the selection exercises (answers from the list box), Bildersuchrätsel (figuratively represented concepts), Fill-in (insert solutions into the text field), grid puzzle (search terms in the letter grid), writing crossword puzzles (words in letter boxes), Markierübungen (correct or incorrect notions mark), quizzes (select answers or write down), sorting exercises (assign terms meaningful) combining, combination exercises (Matching elements) to guess words Puzzles (words with individual letters) and divided allocation exercise (words in categories). --- addition to the interactive exercises also offers educational materials, free worksheets, free copy templates, style sheets, multimedia presentations, PowerPoint demonstrations, Lernquartette, flashcards, posters and other teaching aids. You can download the material for free (eg PDF files) print and. On many issues, there is already a carefully designed worksheet with examples and solutions. The plan further activities such as Sudoku, puzzles or memories. --- Of particular interest to the school are tasks in German and many foreign languages such as English, French, Italian, Latin and Spanish. In addition to a basic visual vocabulary with pictures (like a picture dictionary), there are these subjects online exercises on spelling and grammar and current teaching aids such as World of Words (worksheets, copy templates), Envol (Exercises, Activities), Non-Stop English (Exercises , Worksheets) or Felix. --- Many tasks are illustrated by pictures and graphics (picture puzzle), some are set to music (eg listening texts for listening comprehension). They are suitable both for self-teaching of children, adolescents and adults, as well as for classroom use by teachers (teachers, teachers, professors) as an exam, to practice the material according to the curriculum or simply as teaching materials (worksheets). Likewise, the tasks to be a help for pupils in preparing for the secondary school, high school (Gymnasium) or apprenticeship in learning to tests such as Basic or multi-Check-Check. Maybe even intelligence tests, tests and the PISA results will be better. --- The exercises and tasks in Kids! are also suitable for infants and young children attending the kindergarten, preschool or lower. Depending on the age, the children, most of these tasks after a short instruction to solve their own - some even from the age 3-4 years. --- All the exercises are freeware, the download is free and no subscription and no registration required.

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